Sermon Series

    When The Warning Light Go On


    The doctor called and things don’t look good, your job’s at risk, your marriage is shaky, your daughter is pregnant; the month was larger than the funds in your bank account.  The warning light in your car is telling you to buckle up, the fasten seatbelt sign has come on in the plane telling you turbulence lies ahead. Whatever the case, you’re out of control, you’ve fallen and can’t seem to get up. Truth is, we haven’t ever really been in control, however we just didn’t know it. Over the next four week we’ll explore the Biblical response to uncertain times.


    Date: May 25

    Title: Pray

    Scripture: Philippians 4:4

    Brief Description: The Bible is a book filled with stories of people facing uncertainty and discovering that not only is God not absent, but He’s often working behind the scenes to accomplish his will in the lives of those He loves.

    Synopsis: Prayer


    Date: June 1

    Title: Remember

    Scripture: Scripture: 1 Kings 17:1-21

    Brief Description: Uncertainty has a way of focusing us so exclusively on the mystery of what lies before us that we forget what lies behind. God’s faithfulness in the past is a reminder of his presence in your future.

    Synopsis: God’s Faithfulness


    Date: June 8

    Title: Seek

    Scripture: Matthew 6:25-6:34

    Brief Description: Uncertainty backs us into the corner of self-centeredness; along with an unhealthy preoccupation with "self." we lose sight of the big picture-what life is really all about. We miss the fact that God may be up to something and he may want us to be a part of it.  God’s working his upper story, through our lower story life.

    Synopsis: Trusting God


    Date: June 15

    Title: Follow

    Scripture: Genesis 37:1-47

    Brief Description: Uncertainty leaves us confused as to how to approach God. He’s so quiet-He’s so still-He seems so distant. The most difficult thing to do and yet the most obvious thing to do is to FOLLOW.

    Synopsis: Trusting God