Sermon Series


    The marching orders of the church are clear, “go into all the World and make Disciples,” Christ’s last command must be the churches first concern. In other words the Lord “desires, no He commands” that we (the church) finish what He started.  The great commission is an expectation and the privilege for all believers.  Said another way, “As you go, be a witness daily, and if need be, you can even talk about Christ.” BTW:  There’s a reason it’s called the Great Co-Mission, Christ goes with us!
    July 27
    The Greatest Omission
    Scripture: Matthew 28:18-28
    Brief Description: The Greatest Omission for the church is to not follow Jesus instructions to go and make disciples, and our commitment to begin to do everything we can to follow those instructions
    August 3
    The Greatest Need
    Scripture: Matthew 28:18-28
    Brief Description: Since the beginning of time—the Garden of Eden, the one thing that has caused man to suffer the most-----is disobeying God. The one thing that breaks the relationship God offers to us---disobedience.
     August 10
    The Greatest Direction
    Scripture: Matthew 28:18-28
    Brief Description: Go and make disciples, that’s the plan. The only command in those 61 words is to make disciples and the direction is to do it as you are going.  What motivated us to Go in the first place?  The need to reach the lost for Christ...that’s why we go.
    August 17
    The Greatest Connection
    Scripture: Matthew 28:18-28
    Brief Description: Being born again is about being connected to God. Clothed with Christ, connected to his death, burial and resurrection.
    August 24
    The Great Sustainer
    Scripture: Matthew 28:18-28
    Brief Description: Jesus made it clear that the plan was not finished at the connecting point. WE are making followers---not joiners. The participation of old followers with new followers is the plan Jesus laid out.